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Ontario's Eastern White Cedar is one of the most popular hedge or screen plants used today. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to transplant and grow rapidly. They provide excellent privacy, wind block and noise reduction. Cedars also require minimal care (when properly planted in the first place) Cedars can grow in a wide range of soils, from gravel to sand, to clay and for short periods of time, can even withstand flooding.

In a few years, with proper care, you will have a full thick, dense hedge that will be unrecognizable from the first season that it was planted and you will be able to shape and trim it as you please. So "Don't get fenced in...Go natural!

Here are some of the added benefits of a CEDAR GUYS hedge:
• The natural warmth of a lush, living and growing cedar hedge
• Inexpensive when compared to wood or plastic fencing
• Increased privacy/noise reduction when compared to a fence
• Easy to maintain

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