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Question: I want an estimate. Do you require a site visit before you plant?

We don’t normally do a site visit as we receive 30-50 e-mails per day and couldn’t possibly do a site visit for each one. Most situations of concern (other trees, location, obstructions etc.) can be resolved with a couple of pictures. In order for us to quote you please include an exact accurate measurement as well as the height of tree you’re interested in. Contact us through our online system below to supply us with your site details etc.

The best benefit of e-mails is that we both have a copy of what was conveyed for easy reference during the quoting process.

We hope this explains how the use of e-mails works best for both parties and for our small but busy company.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY plant our own Eastern White Cedars in a tight hedge formation as we have a reputation for our tight, fast-forming hedges. We don’t carry any other type of cedar (Emerald, Pyramid etc.) or plant other companies’ trees or shrubs.

Limited Availability, weather permitting.

* We are a full planting service.

Please complete and submit the form below if you would like The Cedar Guys to get in touch with you regarding a cedar installation or any other questions you might have.

The Cedar Guys will respond via email within 48 business hours. We are a small company that receives many inquiries, while working long hours actually digging and planting, so please be patient and we’ll be in touch with an email as soon as we can. Thanks again!