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White Cedar Installation
Matt and the team are reliable, friendly and accommodating. This is the second time I have used them for cedar purchase and installation – basically installed in mud and trench – would use them again without hesitation.
Thank you Cedar Guys!


Cedar Fence Line
We needed a quick fix for privacy in our backyard. I found the Cedar Guys online and contacted them. Within 24 hours, Matt had responded with lots of information and great advise. I thought I would have to wait until spring, but instead my cedars were planted with one week of contacting them. It looks amazing, and were very impressed with Matt answering all my questions and the crew that did the planting.


The Cedar Guys
355 cedars planted perfectly in under 4 hours; fantastic crew, friendly and helpful; the crew leader Blake was so helpful and guided us through the planting and maintenance (and the local birds loved him!), and Matt, ever communicating! I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a hedge, big or small; the stock was prime and fresh and well planted! Thank you everyone!!!!!


Cedar Hedge
We were very happy with the service, the attention to detail, and completing the job of planting all the hedges as promised. Always followed up on the emails, any questions, and everything looks great. We’d recommend them gladly.


Cedar Hedge
Paula and Chris arrived with about forty, 6 to 7 foot trees. They had a big job ahead of them. The digging was hard. They resorted to pick-axe technology and the job wore on and on. In the end they left us with a lovely green wall of young cedars on two sides of the yard. They set us up with weeper-hose zig-zag through the line, and a moisture probe to tell us when to give them a drink. They were extremely congenial throughout the process.
I recommend the Cedar Guys to everyone.


Great Experience With The Cedar Guys
This was ever so easy. Found The Cedar Guys on Home Stars. Contacted Matt by email and received an estimate from him within 24 hours. Scheduled the work for 3 weeks later. Chris and Paula arrived that day as promised and phoned to confirm they were coming. They planted our 25 6-7 foot cedars for us in a trench with manure and fertilizer, and left us detailed instructions for their care after planting . Could not have been better/easier. Many thanks to all.


Deliver & Plant A 70 Foot Hedge
I called three different companies to quote on our hedge project in the Kawarthas. The Cedar Fuys provided the most detailed quote, requested photos of the site and asked the most detailed questions. Their quote, aside from the lowest price provided the most value. They believe that planting the trees rootball to rootball provides a dense hedge. They recommended 3 times the trees versus the other quotes that I received.

They arrived as expected, having called ahead on the day of delivery. A crew of three worked very hard to dig a trench in tough ground. They amended the soil with topsoil, sheep manure and bonemeal. I was given verbal and written care directions plus a warranty. I wish more contractors had this level of service and product!


Cedar Fence
Our house is a corner one. The job was done early this month. It’s amazing.
We tried to contact via phone at first while there is explanation on the website that email correspondence will be used. Probably because we are so used to the phone calls. We were told emails will be used. It turns out emails worked very well on this project. It happened that I had a work meeting comes up within the time frame of the original appointment with Cedar Guys. I emailed Matt and he replied my email shortly and told me he will make a note to his crew to arrive after my meeting is done and able to arrive home.

Blake and other crew arrived on time. They are very friendly. They did awesome job, clean up the site, and watered the trees thoroughly. Very neat. They also gave me detail instructions for later. In addition, the took the wood box out for a reasonable charge and now we plant them on the other corner where we wanted.
I would definably recommend them.


Cedar Hedge
Chris & Paula were on time, super friendly, and professional. The hedge looks pretty good. After planting the trees, they went through the warranty and maintenance (They also gave us a printed version of the instructions which we really appreciate since we usually forget most of the tips and tricks after one or two days!).


Cedar Fence
Love our new (to us) house, but it backs onto a busy street. We wanted more privacy and possibly less traffic noise. Enter The Cedar Guys……Blake, Terry and crew installed the trees along our 100ft. wooden fence on a scorching hot day. What a difference! We were left with all kinds of information to ensure the trees stay healthy. Very pleased with everything. Would definitely recommend.


Lived Up To Reputation
Awesome informative website. Prompt reply to inquiry. Prompt booking. Efficient crew. Delivered exactly what was discussed and beyond. Neat, clean and courteous. Also discovered a neighbour has used them and their cedars are doing amazing. Would absolutely recommend.


Cedar Hedge – Gardening
Matt of Cedar Guys is very knowledgeable in the business. He took time to patiently answered all my questions and concerns prior to the project and gave me good advice for preparation (like soaker hoses and cedar mulch to get) for the planting. On the day of the planting, Paula and crew came on time and efficiently planted the cedar hedges, installed the soaker hoses and spread the cedar mulch. They did the work efficiently, politely and did a beautiful cleaning job after. They also took time to explain to me the maintenance procedure and the importance of maintaining sufficient water in the root balls, all very clearly. Thank you to Cedar Guys for the great job and now the cedar hedges are growing well. Thank you and I must say that I am lucky to find you guys for the job. Thank you from a very happy customer. Thank you.


Cedar Hedge Repair
My cedar hedge had several bare spots.
As a lover of privacy, I was unsure of how to improve it.
A gardening service recommended The Cedar Guys to me.
I am very happy with the work they did.
My hedge is now looking attractive again.
The Cedar Guys arrived on schedule, explained their procedure and told me what i should do to keep the new plants healthy.
Thanks, Cedar Guys!
Laurene Stevenson


18ft Long Cedar Hedge
It’s always risky to hire a company off the net…BUT this company came through! Matt was very patient and understanding when our backyard project was delayed (twice) Chris & Paula (the crew) were on time, polite and very pleasant. The worksite was left in immaculate condition and they took their time educating us on the care and maintenance of our beautiful new ‘green wall’. We are very pleased; as a matter of fact they will be returning in a few days to do another project for us! Based on our experience, I would recommend them without hesitation.


Installation Of Cedar Trees
Matt went out of his way to accommodate my lower than normal request for trees – they typically have a minimum order before they can accept your order (an understandable request) but I couldn’t find anyone else who could do the job and Matt agreed. He set a date and time and they were there as promised. Great crew – pleasant, friendly and professional and had the cedar hedge planted quickly and efficiently. The crew went through the warranty and upkeep in a pedantic, informative manner. Will definitely recommend them.


Cedar Hedge
After trying to contact several companies to install a cedar hedge along our back fence with little success and /or response I found Cedar Guys on the internet. Thanks goodness I did! Matt’s initial response was quick, details as to number of trees, price etc were agreed upon and a date for installation was set.
The crew arrived within the hour time slot that had been set. They were great – professional, hard working, but very friendly and informative. Within about 11/2 hours we had a beautiful row of trees separating us from our neighbours as well as instructions as to how to keep our trees healthy.
We would highly recommend Matt and his amazing team!
Thank you Matt and your amazing team!


After getting the run around from various cedar distributors online I came across the cedar guys and I’m glad I did. On top of being professional and courteous, they installed a beautiful row of cedars in a part of my yard that was once plain and gave me much needed privacy from my neighbors. I highly recommend them. Without a doubt it was the best purchase I’ve done in years.


Cedar Hedging
The Cedar Guys were so great to deal with during the whole process. They had to drive a very long distance to plant our cedars. Just when they got here, there was a torrential downpour which made planting very difficult especially on a sloped lot. They were wonderful, and we are very happy.
Thank you very much Cedar Guys & your hard working crews.


Cedar Hedge
I’ve used the Cedar Guys services last year to plant 43 6-7 ft cedars along the back fence of my backyard in Stoney Creek. They did a great job is less than two hours and even installed a soaker hose for me!
Thank you!


On Top Of The Job From Start To Finish
Matt and his team were very friendly and professional.
Matt gave me constant updates on their arrival time frame as it was a rainy weekend.They were in and out like a flash. They left us with materials for after care and gave us some great gardening tips.
I don’t have a green thumb at all so it was great to leave it to the professionals.
It was money well spent!


Front & Backyard Cedar Installations
Informative, highly professional install team. Trees are healthy and affordable cedars. After 3 different installs of 40-60 trees each time, all have grown very well and had me coming back for more of the Cedar Guys. Highly recommend.


Cedar Hedge
Having worked with them before, they were my natural choice when I had to patch a hole in the hedge. They were profesional and knowledgeable. I’ll keep they phone number for the future.


Cedar Hedge
After looking online for prices to have cedars planted along a frost fence on my property, I came across The Cedar Guys website. Their prices are very reasonable…way cheaper than any others I came across in my search. The customer testimonials were all positive which was also encouraging. I contacted Matt and told him what size tree I was interested in (7′-8′) and he told me that for the 43 feet of fence I wanted filled in, I would need 47 cedars. I booked a day for his crew to come out to do the planting on April 24 early afternoon. Chris and Paula showed up at exactly 12:30pm on the 24th and had all the trees planted by 3:45pm. They were wonderful. They took the time to make sure the best side of the cedars were facing out and that all the trees that were straight. They were professional and friendly and so hard-working…a real pleasure to have around. They gave me detailed instructions on how best to care for my new trees and answered all my questions. I am so pleased with the new hedge and I am excited to watch it grow into a thick wall of greenery of the next year or two. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone wanting a natural privacy fence. (and have to several friends already!) Thanks Cedar Guys!


Recent Cedar Planting
We recently used the Cedar Guys services to plant 39 ten foot cedars along the back fence of our very bare yard. I started the conversation with this company over a year ago and they were extremely patient, responsive, and not pushy at all. The level of customer service from a communication standpoint was excellent! I was not surprised that the same level of service was given onsite when the trees were planted. The team worked fast, they kept the area clean, and they came with excess trees to ensure that the better quality ones were picked. I am recommending this company to everyone who is looking to create a more private atmosphere in their yard. They have been around for 20 years and they honestly care about their customers and their reputation. They offer a warranty on their trees, provide you with easy to follow instructions, and are there to help after the job is done if help is needed. Thank you again for such a great experience!


Cedar Hedge
We were very satisfied with the service provided by The Cedar Guys. Matt responded quickly to email questions, and was very informative and helpful regarding fertilizing, pruning, watering, etc. The website also provides detailed information. We ordered twenty 10 foot trees to provide an instant screen against adjacent townhouses. The pricing was much better than garden centres. Cedar Guys also laid down mulch that we purchased for the project. We planted about one year ago, in October 2015, but one tree turned quite brown just before the one year warranty expired. It was immediately replaced upon request with another lovely 10 foot specimen. The crews in both cases were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. The recent crew went above and beyond by removing any leaves that happened to turn brown, leaving a beautiful, green hedge. Clean-up was immaculate. We trimmed about 6 inches off the tops in the fall, as the trees had been in the ground for one year, and this pruning was recommended to encourage growth. Thank you, Cedar Guys!


Cedar Hedging
Very happy with the gorgeous trees that arrived for cedar hedging in our backyard. Communication through email was fantastic re questions that I had. This really meant a lot to me. Job was done quickly, neatly and pleasantly!! Their website is terrific.


Cedar Hedge
The Cedar Guys from beginning to end did a great job ie: response times answering emails to planting the hedge. It looks great now and will look awesome once it “grows up”.


Tree Line From Cedar Guys
My wife and I just moved into a new house and wanted to try and create immediate privacy on the one side of our yard. I spoke with Matt @ Cedar Guys and he had me booked in within weeks and his team delivered and planted over 20 trees in just a few hours. It was amazing! Not only did it create the privacy we were after but it was a hassle free experience at a great price. Would definitely recommend them!


New Hedge
Our hedge of emerald cedars needed replacement. I checked the internet and found the website of the Cedar Guys, excellent and informative. I exchanged several e-mail with Matt and we agreed on an installation date of 32 cedars. The crew arrived and started planting. There was only 3 feet space between the fence and the edge of the pool. They did in excellent job, fast and professional. The clean up was very thorough. The hedge looks great and I would recommend Cedar Guys services to anybody.


Cedar Hedge
The cedar guys came and worked so hard. They changed their schedule so I could make a volunteer shift at the hospital. Love how our hedge works and their guarantee. very professional and hard working!


Cedar Hedge
From my first contact with Matt Cook to the planting of my gorgeous hedge by Terry and Paula, every aspect of this experience was professional, friendly, reasonable and exceptional in quality and customer service. I couldn’t be more pleased and have every comfort that they will be there for me well into the future as well. It is such a delight in this hurry up world of automated service to connect with such a genuine and praiseworthy business as Cedar Guys. Not only will I have them back ~ I have and will continue to recommend their services every chance I get. Ten stars are an understatement! Thanks so much Cedar Guys!


Cedar Guys
My husband and I were extremely happy with the Cedar Guys! For starters, they have an amazing informative website that is so helpful with everything you need to know about cedar hedges. Matt was very quick to give a quote, helpful to answer questions, and make recommendations. Emails were always responded quick and very professionally. The Cedar Guys arrived at the date and time agreed upon, in the scorching heat, worked without complaint. They were both pleasant, professional, and went above and beyond to plant in such a hot day, and then help with the soaker hose and cedar mulch we provided. My husband commented he liked how straight the trees were planted?. We were also provided with very clear and straightforward information for the care of the trees to help them grow and flourish into a beautiful hedge. I would highly recommend the Cedar Guys and use them again in the future!


Cedar Hedges
I’ve been putting off putting in some privacy at my summer escape, but so happy I found Matt to help me with this project. His crew were excellent at completing the job. They were punctual, pleasant, informative and worked hard to get in all those trees. Clean up was great and I’m on my way to having a beautiful hedge! Thanks Matt :)


75 Foot Hedge
I moved into a home with a black chain link fence separating my back yard from my neighbours pool and deck. I was looking for privacy and decided a cedar hedge would offer me a barrier from the view and noise. All of my communication was via email with Matt. He answered a lot of questions in a very timely manner. Three men came out and planted the 4-5 foot cedars in the afternoon. They were extremely friendly and did a good job. I highly recommend using them and will likely use them again myself.


Cedar Tree Planting
For the second time I have just had cedar trees planted and the Cedar Guys did an amazing job. These trees are the best decision I made in my old house and now in my new one. I cannot say enough to convince anyone that doing these trees as a natural hedge is truly far superior to the expense of a wooden fence. I have never met a more professional group that are true to their word and stand by their product ! What a beautiful transformation!


Cedars Along Fence
Fences & Gates review in Newmarket Over 1 year ago
Had the guys come and plant about 13 feet of 6-7 foot cedars along my fence. They did a fantastic job and we’re done in about 40 minutes. I appreciated how well they cleaned up after themselves as well.
Loving the trees and looking forward to seeing them grow. Great work!


Backyard Cedars
Very professional, timely and great communicators. Job was done well and we are happy with the results. We would not hesitate to use the Cedar Guys in the future or recommend them to our friends.


Wonderful company!! We needed trees put in along a fence for privacy and I e mailed and heard back quickly. Unusual these days!!!! Two days later they came with a truck and all my trees planted within two hours. Unfortunately 2 died quickly but not a problem I spoke with a great guy Matt and as promised, with there guarantee the Ceder Guys a great group of hard, kind pleasant workers in this heat of summer 2016 they were replaced quickly and with a smile and no clean up for me ceder guys does it ALL and my yard looks beautiful. I will call on them again!!
Thanks Ceder Guys great job and business. Big ten
Mrs. McInt


Top-Notch Service From The Cedar Guys
I was very impressed with both the professionalism and quality of work put forth by the Cedar Guys. Matt was very responsive to my emails and provided answers to all my questions, as well he patiently updated the quote numerous times as I chose to add more footage and change the tree size. Our planting crew (Terry and Mike) were a pleasure to deal with, they were very professional and polite. All work was explained to us beforehand and Terry walked me through the maintenance of the cedar hedge and answered all of my questions with a high degree of knowledge.
The actual white cedars the Cedar Guys deliver/plant are top of the line. You can tell they are of very high quality and are beautiful to look at. Trust the number of trees they recommend as they are planted very close together, which is great as you receive an instant hedge. Overall I am thrilled with the quality of service and the finished product delivered by the Cedar Guys. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Cedar Tree Hedging
We researched online for hedging providers and requested quote by emails last spring. The Cedar Guys responded quickly and professionally with reasonable quote. Matt and his crew showed up on time, got the job done proficiently and cleaned the site after. They also offered tips for maintenance and provided warranty in written. Earlier this spring we found a couple of cedar trees having more yellow leafs and we emailed Matt some pictures and he replied promptly and told us he was going to replace them and sure enough he showed up recently and replaced all the sick tress and now the hedge looks fantastic. We highly recommend cedar trees for hedging and The Cedar Guys are the best in the business.


Excellent Installation Of Our Cedar Hedges
Excellent experience with The Cedar Guys. Matt made things easy from the beginning. Quick replies to emails with every question answered. The crew showed on time and were very professional. Were very quick but at the same time not rushed. They took the time to make sure every tree was straight and talked to us about maintenance and care of the trees. I would highly recommend The Cedar Guys, in fact have already recommended them to 3 people. I look forward to having them back next year to do another fence line in our backyard. Thank you for an excellent experience!


Can’t Say Enough About Our Expereince With The Cedar Guys
“Old fashioned service in this modern world” could be the mission statement for The Cedar Guys.
Fast, courteous communication from my first inquiry through their easy to navigate website to our install day, exceptional customer service.
The product (we went with the 5-6 option) is amazing and it looks great!
I wish The Cedar Guys continued success and I will be spreading the word about my experience.
They made us happy and I think that says it all right there, don’t you?


Cedar Hedge
I love, love, love my new cedar hedge!!!! It looks fantastic. They look taller than I expected. Mike and Rhys did a great job installing them and explaining how to care for them. Matt was always timely in answering emails.


Excellent, Courteous Service
Matt and his team provided excellent service from start to finish. Mat responded promptly and managed my expectations on timing, price and scope of work. The team he sent was courteous and professional. The installed a dripper line for the hedge without being asked and volunteered some helpful hints on maintaing the trees. They called to say they were running late – gently appreciated! Would heartily recommend.


I was looking for some cedars for privacy in my backyard and came across The Cedar Guys. Extremely helpful! Everytime I wanted to add or change my dimensions, Matt quickly provided a new quote. The crew was great…arrived early, worked hard and did an amazing job! Cleaned up nicely as well. Highly recommend them.


Cedar Hedge Planting
These guys were fantastic–friendly, efficient, and cheaper than the other companies we checked out. They prefer to plant cedar trees (for a hedge) closer together than usual, but the cost per foot was still better than our next choice. 5 years later our hedges are still thriving.

Hedge Pictures

In a few years, with proper care, you will have a full thick, dense hedge that will be unrecognizable from the first season that it was planted and you will be able to shape and trim it as you please. So “Don’t get fenced in… Go natural!

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