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In business since 1995, the Cedar Guys have been serving the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, providing rapidly growing, aesthetic and relatively inexpensive cedar hedges for both residential and commercial properties. The Cedar Guys take a progressive approach with respect to the health of the trees they plant and regularly consult with Pest-A-Side, certified arborists.

The Cedar Guys offer Ontario’s native white cedar in a wide variety of sizes and prices, providing a beautiful, dark green privacy wall. The Cedar Guys also offer FREE ESTIMATES and their One Year Warranty with every hedge they install!

So remember, if privacy is what you and your family need, “Don’t get fenced in…Go Natural”!

Our History

Our People

  • Established in 1995 – Celebrating 30 years in the Greater Toronto Area!
  • Owner quotes every job (we only employ and send fully trained workers), same staff since 1998
    Knowledgeable manager on every site.
  • We have done work for many large commercial developers.
  • Supplied and planted cedar trees for large Barrie developer, for use in reforestation projects.

Dedicated to one-on-one customer service because we both want benefits: You want a beautiful healthy privacy hedge at a reasonable price, and we want you to tell your neighbours and friends about our company.

How it Works

Ontario’s Eastern White Cedar is one of the most popular hedge or screen plants used today. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to transplant and grow rapidly. They provide excellent privacy, wind block and noise reduction. Cedars also require minimal care (when properly planted in the first place) Cedars can grow in a wide range of soils, from gravel to sand, to clay and for short periods of time, can even withstand flooding.

Dig & Prepare

We carefully assess the area and prepare the ground to accept and nourish the trees, with appropriate fertilizer and trench depth.

cedar hedge

Plant with Care

We plant the trees, taking care to keep the trees at the appropriate distance, encouraging a thick and lush hedge after only a few years.

cedar hedge

Water & Grow

It is important for cedar trees to be watered regularly and consistently. Regular trimming helps prevent overgrowth as well.

cedar hedge

Some of Our Services

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Lawns & Turf

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Trees & Hedges

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Brick & Rockery

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Client Testimonials

355 cedars planted perfectly in under 4 hours; fantastic crew, friendly and helpful; the crew leader Blake was so helpful and guided us through the planting and maintenance (and the local birds loved him!), and Matt, ever-communicating! I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a hedge, big or small; the stock was prime and fresh and well planted! Thank you everyone!!!!!

J. S.
King City, Ontario

We needed a quick fix for privacy in our backyard. I found the Cedar Guys online and contacted them. Within 24 hours, Matt had responded with lots of information and great advise. I thought I would have to wait until spring, but instead my cedars were planted with one week of contacting them. It looks amazing, and we were very impressed with Matt answering all my questions and the crew that did the planting.

A. B.
Peterborough, Ontario

Hedge Pictures

In a few years, with proper care, you will have a full thick, dense hedge that will be unrecognizable from the first season that it was planted and you will be able to shape and trim it as you please. So “Don’t get fenced in… Go natural!

cedar hedge

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